“Wrath of the Titans” – 3000 HP Cadillac Vs 3000 HP Corvette!

If you are into cars with real monsters under the hood, than this would be the perfect video of a drag race between two insanely tuned cars: Twin-Turbo Cadillac and Twin-Turbo Corvette, both of them with engines that generate over a 3,000 horsepower! Even by looking at them, one can not remain indifferent, it becomes all too clear that this is something way out of the ordinary, not a vehicle that you see everyday. So what we have here is Scott Lowery and his Twin-Turbo Caddy with 3 000 HP versus Mark Woodruff and his Twin-Turbo Chevy Corvette from the “Throwdown” in T-Town, competing each other at a quarter mile distance at Tulsa Raceway Park. We rarely see a race between two 3000 HP car, and we are glad we stumbled upon this video! Trust us, this showdown between the 3000 HP Cadillac and the 3000 HP Corvette is a joy to watch!

From watching the result numbers of these two titans, we can do a simple math and come to a conclusion that acceleration and speed are coming at 82.94 miles per second, which is about 2 G. What a number! We guess all those thousands of dollars spent on tuning the cars and mutating them into these beasts which probably have less than one percent custom body components, especially the Caddy (with the exceptions of those power windows, we guess). As for the race itself, it was REMARKABLE! In one of the closest drag race finishes we have seen, the 3000 HP Corvette turned out victorious, going 185mph after just 4.20 seconds on the track! As for the silver 3000 HP Cadillac, it was even faster, managing to get to 188mph at the end! However, it crossed the finish line after 4.29 seconds, so it lost the race. Nonetheless, both of the cars had an incredible performance, and we advise you to see it! Enjoy.

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