OMG! 1,170HP – 101mm TURBO CTS V Cadillac at Pikes Peak Air Strip!

Probably the CRAZIEST car we have ever encountered on the Air Strip Attack at Pikes Peak! This CTS V Cadillac ┬áis equiped with 1,170HP V8 Engine With 101mm TURBO and it’s a headturner everywhere it goes!

Can you imagine how it feels like to take a ride in the passenger seat while this beast is competing on the 1/2 mile air strip at over 180mph! We don`t know about you, but we are not accustomed seeing family cars turned into real racers! Yet we do not mean that in a bad way! On the contrary, we put our hand together for those brave car enthusiasts who decide to take such step and transform a vehiclein such a great manner.The CTS V Cadillac is amazing. It sounds incredible. This sound is produced by the 101 sporting turbo with 1170 horsepower that is peaking from the front grill. We got to admit though, this CTS V Cadillac is one of the nuttiest cars we have ever seen. It weighs only 440 lbs! That is a pretty solid weight to power ratio. This caddy is a true challenge to all. Here on this 1/2 mile drag race, it reaches speeds of 180 miles per hour!

Anyway, not just you have the possibility to see this automobile coquetting down the track, but also you will see it racing! But not from the outside. The cameraman goes inside the car and records the whole race! Maybe the only con of this video is that. No wide shots. But still, this onboard footage is great. We were so exciting just seeing the race from the cockpit, we can only imagine how he was feeling! That`s just for the first race, we are spectating the following ones from the outside.

Finally, if you want to find out some things and facts you never knew about Cadillac, follow this link!

The Video Was Published on Jul 13th 2014!

Enjoy the video below!

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