Ford GT Drift FAILS To Keep Up With A Nissan Drift Car At Pikes Peak!

We have not traveled for a long time, haven`t we? Well, if you would like, we could take you to the mountains for a little while! To the Rocky Mountains -- at Pikes Peak Not only will you be able to relax and enjoy the nature, but you will also be able to watch the RACE TO THE CLOUDS! It is all here in this vide, and we would like to exclude something very interesting! However, this is a proof that not every car can drift! The footage shows a Ford GT Drift that tries to keep up with NISSAN 240 but fails, of course!

The driver of this amazing US supercar tried to drift and slide At Pikes Peak Airstrip and show of in front of the visitors… We all know for what this beast is capable off… but for sure it can’t perform like a drift car in the corners… Turn the speakers on and see it for yourself!

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