Enjoy This DRIFTING FEVER IN JAPAN @ Autumn Matsuri!

If you are a drifting fan, then Japan means a lot more to you than it does to the ordinary man! This island is a home for many drifters as many others come from all over the world to experience the Japanese fever! In this video, you will have the chance to experience the drifting fever at Ebisu Circuit, one of the most popular race tracks in Japan! It includes even 7 INDIVIDUAL tracks as well as two SKIN PAN type circuits! The driver that is going to take you for a drift is called Kazuhiko Kojima, and he will allow you to sit next to him, in the passenger seat to get the best view and feel the burning tires as much as you can!

If you want an advice from us, we would consult you to turn up your speakers as you will need as much volume as possible! Kojima`s TOYOTA AE86 SPRINTER really sounds AMAZING! Take a drift with the 1.6 L, 5 speed manual Japanese invention and you will be grateful for the rest of your lives! That`s all from us, and you, just sit back and enjoy the passenger ride!

At last, if you are hungry for some more Japanese drifting fever, follow this link to watch another smoky adventure on the streets of this country.