Tuned Tractors GONE WILD at the Bison Track Show In RUSSIA!

One thing is for sure, this World is full of awesomeness! If we make a list of all things we learned with our videos – it would definitely be a long one! Right now, we would like to invite you to come with us in the most eastern European country – Russia. You are already used to watch smart tutorials that come from this country, but this time we are going to attend an event. We are going to watch tractors race! Yup, that`s right! These drivers do not use their tuned tractors to plow, they use them for racing. But, we definitely wouldn`t say that they are misusing them. They are just making the best out of it!

We are talking about the Bison Track Show that is held every year and is an attraction for every Motor Head. These tuned tractors which are also known as the `flying tractors` are here to entertain you in the best possible way! Tractor racing is not as innocent as you see them. This might be the most extreme type of racing since tractors don`t have any suspension and crashing could be fatal! Check it out!

Craving for more? Click here to visit the official page of this phenomenal show.