Discover This Little Car Trick and Never Get Mad Again!

One of those moments when you realize you have been doing something the hard way your whole life! Then all of a sudden you learn a new trick and life becomes easier. For example, remember getting out of your car and then realizing that your window is still open? So what do you do? First, you yell and bad words come out of your mouth. Then you open your door again and try to close the window but you realize that the car needs to be on for that action. You swear again. Then you start your engine, you close all the windows, make sure the back ones are closed as well, then you turn off your engine, close the door and that should be it – MISSION COMPLETE! Wow, pretty exhausting huh? Well, we are sure you did not know a simple little car trick if we can call it that way since it is a part every car manual.

It includes a simple move with your car keys, something that you would know if you weren`t lazy enough to read the instructions. Our Russian friend in the video can`t wait to enlighten you!

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