DRIFT Wheels Skyline GTR & Kawasaki ZX6R Stunt!

Drift Wheels Stunt in Moscow! Awesome Skyline GTR and Kawasaki ZX6R Performance!

You have got to admit that whenever there is a certain drift-driving or burnouts spectacle that involves some great sports or muscle monsters, paired up with state of the art bike, or a group of bikes, it is something that is definitely worth of your time, regardless of whether you are a passionate Gerahead or just an ordinary car enthusiast. That is why we are in a constant search for cool videos in which there is stunt scene/s involving both cars and motorcycles, doing crazy and cool stuff.

In today`s drift wheels article, we have come up with a very appealing video clip that is coming from Russia, from Moscow to be exact, in which the two main protagonists are the legendary Japanese `street fighter` the Nissan Skyline GTR, and his `countryman` on two wheels, Kawasaki ZX636 Ninja. The ZX636 from the new generation is by many bike experts considered as one of the best motorcycles for this kind of stunts, both because of the new design that attracts people by default, and because of its increased engine capacity that gives it even higher horsepower figures and boosts more torque, that allows it to deliver almost anything that road conditions are demanding.

So, check out this dynamic and attractive video that starts with a little GTR drift and afterwards the Kawasaki ZX636 starts showing off its showmanship potential, even though driven by non professional rider.

For more info about the new ZX636 model of Kawasaki, go on this link.