Airbus A400M Aircraft Pilot Takes Off Right Before A380 Lands!

No matter what kind of a person you are, a car lover, theater enthusiast, animal lover, musician… you have to love AIRPLANES! Airplanes are taking a great part of one`s life. There are great enthusiasts who collect tiny model airplanes, own RC Aircraft and so on! However, this time we would like to show you a video which we are sure you will like, because, everybody loves airplanes, right?In this particular video, we have to planes involved! On one hand, we have the mighty AIRBUS A400M aircraft ATLAS, and on the other hand, we have A380!

Maybe not all of you have heard of this aircraft, but even if you did, we do not believe you have seen the A400M to something like this before! First, it took only one minute tops for this one to take off since it had to make room on the runway for A380 which was landing at the same time! After that magnificent move, the pilot decided to put a little show for the fans and performed amazing tricks in the sky with the Airbus A400M Aircraft! Front flips, back flips, it`s all worthless unless you see it, so check out the video below!

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