ANGEL OF DEATH – This Hercules C130 AIRCRAFT Will Take Your Breath Away! JUST WOW!

Ever since they were invented, aircrafts present an inevitable part in the humans` existence! They play a key role in the transportation of people and goods as well! On the other hand, they look after our security. But what people find the most interesting when it comes to airplanes are the airshows. These are events where we can see the true capabilities of the planes as well as the pilots` expertize! Although, statistically air traffic is the safest on the planet, there are still mishaps that often lead to fatalities. Anyway, let`s leave the statistics aside and focus on what we have on today`s menu. Today`s special is the astonishing Hercules C130! This aviation masterpiece will certainly impress you!

This video below contains two recordings that are put in one. Both of them feature a Hercules C130 airplane. The first plane is easy-noticeable. It is the well-known member of Navy`s elite squadron The Blue Angels – Fat Albert! You have the chance to see this plane`s jet take off at night! That`s one spectacular sight. Additionally, the second plane is a “regular” one and is equipped with flare decoys aka Angel Flares. When fired, these flares` smoke creates a silhouette of an angel! Pretty impressive, isn`t it? We always had a different concept on mind about how angels really look. This one however is much BETTER than ours! Rarely will you see something as awesome as this airshow! Make sure you don`t miss it! Sit back, relax, and press that play button to see the Hercules C130 do its magic! It is amazing, isn`t it? We thought so too! Enjoy and leave your opinion in the comments below! Oh, and one more thing: have you ever seen one such aircraft in person? If yes, what is the feeling like! We hope we`ll have the chance some day!

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