Epic Porsche Vs Lamborghini Vs Corvette Vs Audi Race!

If you ever found yourself in a company where the main topic for discussion is which sports and muscle car brand is the best, most powerful, fastest, etcetera, than the following video that we have found surfing on the internet, will be a good starting point to resolve some of those `bitter issues`. Because what we have here is a drag battle between some of the most famous and well proven sports cars from the both sides of the Atlantic. The `stage` for this extraordinary drag battle is set on that (by now) well known drag strip in Russia, right outside Moscow, where the final finish lane is set at 1 000 meters. Check out this Epic Porsche Vs Lamborghini Vs Corvette Vs Audi Race!

And the main protagonists are coming in the names of the iconic Italian supercar brand, Lamborghini, model LP 700-4 Aventador, with an engine that can produce 700 HP. The Italian is in a company of the German pride of sports cars, Porsche 911 Turbo (997), with a motor that gives an output to 620 HP, `supported` by its `countryman`, Audi RS7, with a monster under the hood that can generate 750 HP. And the last, but not least, all American beauty, the legendary Chevy Corvette С6 ZR1, powered by an engine that generates 850 HP.

If you ask me, it does not get much better than this. So check out the Epic Porsche Vs Lamborghini Vs Corvette Vs Audi Race and see the final outcome of this great drag battle.