Flying 1989 Ford Mustang SMOKES Built 2012 Porsche VRT!

Now this is one impressive street battle between two great and highly modified cars. There is this great looking 2012 Porsche VRT Carbon Built – E85 and AV Boys 1989 Ford Mustang, which, to be perfectly hones, it does not look much from a first glimpse, but once you find out that there is 331 cubic inch N/A, Super Victor Intake (carb), Built T5 Transmission, it gets clear that it is one hell of a race monster we have on the other side of the lane.

In a manner of a real street race, there is $5,000 bet, many curious eyes, cameras and everything else that makes this thrilling event just as it should be. If you were asked to put some money on one of these cars, which one would you choose? Hm.. A tough one, is it not?

Too bad the footage is not so good, so we can not really `inspect` the cars thoroughly, but still, the important thing is there. I`m not going to tell you the final outcome of this drag challenge, but will only mention to watch carefully the start of the race. The power of the engine almost takes off this old 1989 Ford Mustang high into the sky.

Finally, this is all you need to know about this generation of Stangs!

Enjoy the video below!

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