The Largest & Heaviest SINGLE CYLINDER Engine EVER!

In our museum of marvelous engines, 1903 is the year that will surely catch your attention with its breathtaking inventions. One of them is the so-called The De La Vergne Engine, 80.000 pounds heavy machine that can produce 125 HP. This huge thing is running at 52 RPM, but for 50 years it ran at 160RPM. Wonder how that sounds like? Then check the video below that will leave you speechless, because of the smooth work of this motor that has a tremendous force. Back in the days, it was maybe one of the most powerful engines and today we can just admire its capability and long lasting power. This 20175 cubic inch single cylinder engine is now part of Minnesota show and it can be seen there every workday.

Moreover, this machine has the title as the biggest running single-cylinder 4-cycle engine that exists today. It runs on oil and it can brag itself with 4 000 pound feet of torque. Enough said?

This is one of the engines that cannot be put in your car, but you can do the contrary, you can put your car in it.

Anyway, read more about the engine configuration!