The biggest car engine is a Masterpiece. That is the only sentence that deserves the beginning of this article that will surely lighten up your day. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to experience one magnificent movie that is done with such passion. 100 year history of motoring is shown in this 3 minute video, where a FIAT S76 is being  resurrected by truly professionals that simply know what are doing.

The land speed record car can brag itself with the biggest engine ever built. Moreover, this vehicle at over 28 litres, was the biggest of the machines that marked the period before the World War 1. Although we cannot select a favorite moment of the video, because the whole of it is just perfect, we must say that the explosive start-up of the motor got us goosebumps. You will just love the shot spitting flames at the camera.

This story of how the extraordinary FIAT S76 was restored will get a proper movie edition at the beginning of the next year. Actually, February is the month when “The Beast of Turin” showcasing the biggest car engine will have its premiere. Cannot wait!