1970 Dodge CHALLENGER R/T Having Some FUN Out On The Pavement! Nice Piece of the American MUSCLE CARS History!

Anyone who has such a fine ride like the awesome classic American muscle, 1970 Dodge Challenger, should consider himself a lucky guy, I think that we can all agree on that. And when you have one in your garage at a pretty young age, it is a dream coming true. We all know that there thousand and thousands of guys out there, who are working hard and saving every penny, so that they can have a Mopar model in their garage, a piece of the American muscle history all for themselves.

With an engine option starting from the 225 Slant-6 that gives an output to a 145 HP, all the way to the 440 V8, rated at over 400 HP, who would not want something like that, right? And I should not even start talking about all that history of joy and pride that these cars are bringing with them. Owning a great muscle car like that can be an inspiration to do all kinds of great things, from stunts, drag races, and even to all kinds of foolishness.

Here we have a video of young guy who is doing something like the latter mentioned, but in a positive way (he has not hurt anyone, not on this video at least), having fun with his great purple 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T out on the pavement. If you are looking for something kind of funny, kind of easy going, kind of looking for trouble, then I think that you will like this video.