Funny or Reckless? Guy Gets Huge Load of DIESEL SMOKE in His Face!

Regardless on how you feel about pulling a prank on someone else`s expense, I think that many of us will agree with me that doing something that is both neither healthy nor actually entertaining is worth of all that effort. Instead of doing something that only gives you headache, one should enjoy watching drag races, highly modified cars, or simply go out and do a little drifting on your own and blow off the steam inside you. But that is just me, and I`m aware that there are guys out there who are in a constant search for new ways of making themselves look funny and than post their pranks on the internet. I`m saying this because today we are going to show you a video clip in which a group of `merry guys` are pulling a sour prank to one of their friends, giving him a `proper` doze of diesel smoke, something that will make him remember every time he thinks about doing some activity that is bad for his health.

And if you ask me, it does not get much better than this, when it comes to cutting all the bad habits people have.

These guys somehow managed to get their buddy right in front of the exhaust of a Ford Powerstroke Diesel truck, and than gave him a huge load of diesel smoke, right into his face. Wait only until you actually watch this short video and see the reaction of that poor guy. To be perfectly honest with you, I really do not appreciate this type of jokes and pranks at all, but I think that this one will really make you think twice about doing something as stupid as this. Check it out!

Enjoy the video below!

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