THE Nissan Skyline GODZILLA BNR34 Is BACK With More POWER!

The Nissan Skyline is here once again to leave you all speechless! We know you will remain that way because we had already seen this video and the results are really AMAZING!!! Apart of being the biggest accomplishment – the Nissan Skyline GODZILLA footage is made in such way that it is not just another dyno video!!! You can clearly see how the car is taken to the garage, how it takes its place and after that the SHOW CAN BEGIN! The nickname GODZILLA is not given by accident and you will see why in a few moments!!!

The Husain Al Awami project is a huge accomplishment conducted by the guys from the A1tech shop! After couple of tries the results came out as follows: 833 wph on 27 PSI!!! And if you think this is AWESOME, just wait, there is more! The Nissan Skyline GODZILLA could actually reach more horsepower if it was not for the SPINNING that caused some problems! However, 833wph on 27psi is a great number when you add spinning to it! On the other hand, this BEAST was dynoed at 1000 wph on 35 psi on the 11th of August 2013! Didn`t we tell you that you`ll be speechless?

Anyway, check out this Godzilla challenge!