Find Out What’s Behind Nissan Skyline Godzilla GTR R34!

You maybe thought that this is maybe a new model, a cousin of Nissan Skyline. If you thought that, you are likely to be wrong. This is once again the good old pal Nissan Skyline R34 GT – R. In this video you can see this Skyline Godzilla with plates that spell the name -- Godzilla. In the first few seconds you will see how this car flies by you within seconds and maybe scare you, if you are close enough. Just like Godzilla would make you feel.

However, a bit later, this mighty machine, with such name manages to move gracefully among the other cars on the parking lot. When you come closer to the car, you will see those shiny, strong rims, that will remind you of Godzilla`s powerful legs. And when you are going to hear the engine, you will know for sure what we talk about here. There is one more thing related to the engine, but we are going to let you find that one on your own.

So, hesitate no more. Click on the video below, to see the number one favorite model of our beloved actor Paul Walker. No wonder why he owned even two cars of this magnificent model.

So, how did it became Skyline Godzilla? Find out here!