The DEVIL Called…He Said He Wants This Quad Back! You MUST See This Yamaha Raptor 1000 GSXR In Action!

This Amazing Raptor 1000 GSXR Powered Quad It’s Officially The Devil’s Ride! We have seen our fair share of quad bikes, but we haven`t found one that can do ridiculous burnouts, until now. This machine can do a burnout better than many cars out there! If you aren`t impressed by a quad doing burnouts, then how about a quad doing donuts?! You have to admit that the Yamaha Raptor 1000 GSXR is a great quad bike! The footage of the Raptor 1000 quad that we are sharing with you will put any of your doubts to rest, if you had any about it.

Where there`s smoke, there`s fire! If we consider this to be true, then this truly is an underground ride. The Raptor 1000 GSXR Powered Quad will catch everyone`s attention with its presence. Even if you try, you just can`t avoid this evil-looking machine. With its unique sound and badass outlook, this is a must-have for any Quad lover out there! Surely everyone wants to take a ride with this bad boy and make donuts like the guy in the video! Watch until the end and become a member of the Devil Squad! It seems that a car is not the only vehicle with four wheels capable of producing big amounts of smoke! SICK ATV! We have seen some nice truck burnouts as well, but there is definitely something special in this quad burnout! Honestly, we were really surprised when we saw it burning the tires for the first time! Hats off to the driver of the Yamaha Raptor 1000 GSXR quad bike, he really knows how to drive it properly! If you had any thoughts about getting yourself an ATV, we recommend you take a look at this footage. This quad might be the one you are looking for.

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