UNREAL: This Guy Hydroplanes The Lake With a QUAD! What JESUS Would Do? (20M VIEWS)

This Guy Hydroplanes The Lake in Oregon Dunes at Hauser With a QUAD! The water is approximately 5 to 7 feet deep!

Ever wondered what it`s like to walk on water? How about the feeling of driving a quad on water? The guy in the video shows you how it`s done with a Yamaha Raptor 700 Quad! Showing incredible speed and commitment, this guy manages to drive through the whole Lake in Oregon Dunes at Hauser. Despite being on depth of 5-6 feet the Quad shows no sign of weaknesses. If you want to watch the slow-mo and zoom replay stay here until the end! Watch closely as the Quad converts a risky into a comfortably doable task! However, if you are considering to do this, think once again.

Check out the Slow-Motion and Zoom Replay at the end of video! Share your thoughts with us!