Semi Truck DRIFT GYMKHANA 1 by Michiel Becx! The Most INCREDIBLE Drifting Skills Ever To Be Seen On A Semi Truck!

Who doesn`t like an appealing gymkhana drift video? If anyone doesn`t we are absolutely sure it is not you. Being top gearheads, you just can`t miss the chance of witnessing some spectacular drifting! And we have a vast palette of gymkhana drifting videos here. Most are from Ken Block with his amazing Ford Fiesta! And we are positively sure you are used to gymkhana drifting in a lightweight form. However, what we have here is something out of the ordinary. Something that will change your view and perception on the gymkhana art forever! We have a semi truck drift in this video that will rock your world! We know it doesn`t make any sense but it is 100% perfect!

This semi truck drift exhibition that you are about to see is a straight up madness! Dutch driver Michiel Becx takes a semi-truck around a track that is set up in a Gymkhana style! When Ken Block invented the Gymkhana, he invented it in a way so he could drift the hell out of it with his car! But what Michiel Becx has is a bit less driftable than what Ken Block has at his disposition. We, as being great fans of Ken Block thought that every attempt for Gymkhana would be pale at comparison. But this here semi truck drift gymkhana exhibition proves us wrong!

The semi-truck here must`ve been setup for this kind of a performance. Michiel Becx with his semi flings around the gymkhana styled road course like that semi is a freaking Mazda Miata! When in fact he is piloting a 10.000 pounds BIG RIG with 1100 HP! This awesome drifter just took physics launch money!
While this video came out perfectly, one can`t stop but wonder, how many tries this semi truck drift took? Because this is no Ford Fiesta…

And another question. How many tires were destroyed in the process?! This must`ve been a real tire carnage!

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