Scratched YOUR CAR? DON’T PANIC! Easy Removal With WD40 Spray! I Love This Product!

There is no more painful feeling than seeing an ugly scratch on your car and you have no idea how did you got it. Even if you have, even if that was the jealous neighbor or an unwanted accident, you will definitely try to remove it in every possible way. However, after several attempts, you get used to it, because nothing can help you.

Well, today we have the chance to say goodbye to those tough times, as we have the number one solution that can easily fix any car scratch. The answer is WD 40 – penetrating oil and water-displacing spray that can make your car shine again.

You still feel uncertain about it? Then you should watch this video, where one guy tries the power of the spray directly on his car, actually on the bumper where he accidentally made some scratches. So, first, he sprays the vulnerable section enough and then he wipes it off with a paper towel. The result is immediate, but if you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you can repeat the step several times.

At last, if you are interested in other methods and tricks, we recommend you this article.


18 thoughts on “Scratched YOUR CAR? DON’T PANIC! Easy Removal With WD40 Spray! I Love This Product!

  1. Great tip on how to remove small scratches!

  2. Formy

    great but, once the WD40 dries the scratches will reappear

  3. bob Roberts

    Once the film of WD40 dries, the scratches will always come back.

    A scratch is the removal of paint. Rubbing oil over the top will not replace paint. People are gullible to believe this works. Replace paint with paint. Don’t rub oil over it.

  4. gregory small

    same applies for products like scratch doctor, and scratch away, i used such products on my 04 F150, that had scratchs from some bushs i rubbed against, i tried over and over again to try and remove the scratchs, only to cover them up a little. I think these scratchs would definately need some work.

  5. Cody the Car Guy


  6. Henri Iv Car

    Actually, when the WD40 dries, the polish of the car will not be there anymore

  7. Anthony Horgan.

    If you use smooth peanut butter on the scratches and when it drys simply wipe off with a damp cloth then buff up with a dry cloth. You’ll see the scratches go before your eyes. And i PROMISE it really works.

    1. Johnny

      Thanks for your trick Anthony! We will try it on 🙂

  8. Dale paintet

    its poison to paint.the shine wil last a day then look wil remove any polishes protecting your wil also add many challenges to whoever gets to fix it properly. Motor craft bumper&tyre shine wil do the same thing but a couple of days latrr it wil be back.good old cutting polish&a lite rub with1500wet rub will remove most minor paint scratches permanently

  9. hori

    Lol wet look hides while wet

  10. Jay

    I also discovered that you can make all your clothes color come back by simply making them wet!! Wtf!? Just like new

    1. Johnny

      Wow… That’s an interesting life-hack Jay… Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Darttoyou1

    Do not do this if you ever plan on repainting it yourself or getting someone else to repair it right, really.

  12. paul

    use a T-cut compound 3 that will do.

  13. Mezarno

    Nice ineed one

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