CRAZY Twin Turbo V6 Camaro Goes On The Bumper! MUST SEE!

Check This Twin Turbo V6 Camaro as it goes on the Bumper! Seems to have the power down good just a little problem with the steering …… front wheels 2 or even 3 meters in the air for half the run!

You know those situations when the car is so powerful, and the driver can`t control it and the front section of the car goes up in the air? Of course you do. Here is one more example of such situation. This time we are showing you a Twin Turbo Camaro that could not keep its wheels on the track. It is interesting that the front wheels went up after a while, not at the beginning of the race! However there are two certain things. #1, this car is definitely going to need a new rear bumper, and #2 the team behind this car might consider mounting a wheelie bar.

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Enjoy the video below!

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