One thing that happens to all of us, regardless of what kind of a car you are driving, whether it is an old one, beginning for the shredder, or some mind-blowing supercar or powerful and mean all American muscle, or perhaps a cool truck on which you are very proud. All of them are getting fogged and misty in the morning, and then we are looking for something to clean it off. Sounds familiar? Yeah, we’ve all been there with our misty windows.

Here is something that can come pretty handy to each and every one of us (well, except maybe for the guys whose favorite place is the bounty hole), one little trick that will help you to stop the inside of your car windows misting up and becoming wet. And the best thing about it is that you can do it with simple things and materials that every one of us already has, or can get it very easy.

The only two things that you will need to say sayonara to the misty windows forever, are a simple pair of socks and cat litter. I know that it may sound a little bit crazy, but to find out how can you do it, just watch this video guide and the next time you will get inside your Porsche 911 or Ford Bronco, you will feel twice as better.