Ryan Tuerck Drifting in TEXAS! ULTIMATE Drifting Challenge!

Ryan Tuerck, one of the top drifters take some action at the Texas Motor Speedway! This time he goes against the Formula Drift drifters Pat Goodin & Matt Field! Check Out This ULTIMATE Drifting Challenge! In this episode of Tuerck`d you have the chance to see the host Ryan Tuerck drifting and facing the utmost drifting challenges at the Texas Motor Speedway. He and his friends are going to perform some drifting but they will try to make it even more interesting by playing games! There are four categories Fastest Entry Speed, Backwards entry as well as 360 entry and No Hands Manji. This is all idea of Ryan Tuerck. Chris Forsberg, Matt Coffman, and Aaron Ross appear in this video as judges. Watch this video all the way to the end in order to find out if the host won or lost his own event.