Drifting Lessons with Ryan Tuerck – Drift Cars Kickball: Season 3!

For today, we have prepared you one really cool drifting video with one of the best in the game, Ryan Tuerck, who is going to take you on a journey and show you what drifting is all about. The video is a part of his show in which Ryan is actually giving lessons to all drifting enthusiasts out there, just what it takes to become top drift-driver. It begins with a visit of DirtFish Rally School, in Snogualmie, Washington, one of the best rally car racing schools in the Unites States, where our host is `getting the basic drifting lessons’, rallying in a Subaru STI.

After the training is over, Ryan is taking us to Seattle, behind the scenes of the Formula Drift Seattle event, just to show us what does a regular day looks like in the life of a pro drifter.

After a little warm up on the track, it is time for fans, and later on a little partying with the other drifters. Can it get more awesome, do I need to say more? I think it was more than enough, so just relax and watch this 15 minutes video and see how the masters of drifting are doing it.

Anyway, since Ryan is giving everyone drifting lessons, you could read something here!

Enjoy the video below!

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