Ryan Tuerck Formula Drift Champion Awesome Garage Tour!

If there ever was a man for whom it should be said that he lives for cars and drifting, than that would be Ryan Tuerck Formula Drift champion from New Hampshire. This guy is really something! Cars and making, tuning, restoring them and a lot more, are the first priority in his life, which can be seen from the very first glimpse one could have on his living space. His house is his home base for entering into the world of cars and drifting.

So, another Formula Drift Ace and host of Garage Tours, Chris Forsberg is leading us through this exiting voyage and gets up close and personal with Ryan and his famous Tuerck House. From the very beginning of this tour it becomes clear that this is a place where there is a lot of work and fun going on simultaneously. As you will see it for yourself in the video, there are multiple evidence that this is a place where many cars have began and finished their drift lives. Parts and pieces, lots of tools are everywhere. But the most important, you will see how Ryan upgrades, builds and tunes different cars and turns them into real road monsters.

All you got to do is relax and watch this great episode of Garage Tours, as I`m sure you will enjoy Ryan Tuerck Formula Drift Champion garage.

Enjoy the video below!

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