Ford Mustang Formula Drift Performance At Long Beach!

Formula Drift drivers Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Justin Pawlak hit the Streets of 2014 Formula Drift Season At Long Beach. This is their spectacular Ford Mustang Formula Drift performance!

Greetings from Long Beach, CA! It`s just an expression, we weren`t there although we wish we were! In this video you can see segments of these drivers` performances at the Formula Drift RD 1 event as well as their short announcements. Although these drivers didn`t meet each other in a race (which would`ve been great to see!) they did pretty good and they are satisfied with their performance and overall with their profession! And as you know, Mustangs lovers are natural drifters. It actually takes more skills to keep one in a straight line ahaha but these drivers love what are they doing, they had a good time at this event and they have one more thing in common: they are driving the same type of car.

Finally, who is a better drifter? This bike or the Mustang?

Enjoy the video below!

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