2014 Formula Drift series in Long Beach, CA – HIGHLIGHTS! MUST SEE!

Formula Drift Series 2014

Classy Media brings you the Highlights of the 2014 Formula Drift series in Long Beach, CA!

Are there people who would like to visit California someday? Until then, this video is the best possible way to see a bit more about this state in a unique gearhead way. Shining sun, endless beaches, relaxing with fishing and of course drifting! If there wasn`t for this last but not least segment, this video wouldn`t have been here. What makes us particularly happy is the fact that there are very young spectators giving us hope that there is still a bright future ahead of us! However, we have only one remark for this video. We think the music could`ve been a bit quieter so we can hear the cars more. Don`t you agree?

The song is “Chigu” by Cheapshot!

Enjoy the video below!

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