DEMONIC SCREAM From The 1JZ Engine! Ryan Tuerck Drifts The Wild!

Hey drift drivers! Will we be wrong if we state that there is nothing better for a driver like you to have a permission for using a mountain road for entertainment purposes? We hope we are not wrong! This video is all about that! A drift driver all alone on an empty mountain road! Who can resist that? Don`t wait up, press play and turn up the volume! Be a part of this magnificent endeavor! This video is professionally recorded from many different angles both inside and outside as well as slow motion sections are embedded for your pleasure. Drifts The Wild is one Ryan Tuerck`s greatest drifting videos. You will have a chance to see how he gains access to one desolate tiny mountain road while the 1JZ engine under the hood screams as he blasts this hill climb with ultimate grace and style. Anyway, we highly recommend do not try this on your own.

Also, don`t hesitate to share your thoughts with us. And do you think this is one of the best drifting videos of all time? It does have one of the best drift cars and one of the the best drifters ever in it! Watch this ridiculously good video of Ryan Tuerck in action! This is the only way we can get answers from you guys! We have to warn you though, if you are wearing headphones, turn the volume down a little bit! The sound this 1JZ engine produces can make you temporarily deaf!!! Wait no more and check out the masterful performance of Ryan Tuerck! And by the way, does anyone know what body kit is this? It looks stunning! Thumbs up if you agree Ryan Tuerck is a legend! Will he be able to nail the 2014 Formula Drift title though? He deserves it!

At last, click here to review some drifting tips! 


10 thoughts on “DEMONIC SCREAM From The 1JZ Engine! Ryan Tuerck Drifts The Wild!

  1. CL


    1. flashnuke


    2. Zach P

      I love the smell of burnout in the morning

    3. Ace

      this is why you drive a Prius and have no friends

    4. Coreykillstires

      I think someone just got mad cause they cant have fun like that.

    1. donielle

      hey jop one is drifting and the other is a rally car and he is a real driver he is a pro drifter so your point is kind of stupid

  2. you faggot

    That car most likely costs more then the box you live in…

    1. It’s amazing some people talk a lot and they are not showing a name or a face…

  3. Ronald schneider

    Can you get your car seance its so much better?1 I would replicate it 100% or better yet it better be hd.

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