Roger Federer & Lleyton Hewitt In The Most Spectacular TENNIS Match!

When we see them on TV, they are usually sweating, looking angry at each other in order to end up winning the match. Now, they are again with their rackets, but they are having fun and enjoyment during a wild ride on speedboats in the middle of Sydney Harbour. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Roger Federer and Lleyton Hewitt, in a totally different situation, from the one we are used to see them in during the world most famous championships in tennis. The footage below shows the popular tennis players doing a funny tennis match in the heart of Sydney, Australia.

Their already known green surface is exchanged with the wild waves of the ocean, and the riders of the two speedboats are taking responsibility for the movement of the aces.

Federer wins the coin toss at the start, so he chooses to take the big silver boat, while Hewitt has the chance to be the first one who serves. Who will win at the end? We will not spoil the surprise, as afterwards the players move on a regular court placed on the famous Sydney Opera House.

However, we would like to set apart the moment when Federer accidentally hits his driver. That must have hurt.