Paul Walker CAR COLLECTION! ULTIMATE Tour With Matt Farah! Throw Back to Remember OUR HERO!

There is no need of telling you how important Paul Walker is for every Gearhead! Many of us see the guy as someone who made Gearheads proud and spread this weird world of ours even more through the world! As we all know Paul Walker was a genuine guy. The shock of his sudden death still has not worn off but, we must move on. That`s why we`ll get to the point, we know he`d like that! This is Paul Walker car collection!

It was reported that Paul`s car collection is already up for sale, but not under his name, because that’s how he wanted, smart move!

This time we will watch the ultimate tour at the at AE Performance with one an only Matt Farah!

Paul Walker CAR COLLECTION! ULTIMATE Tour With Matt Farah! Throw Back to Remember OUR HERO!

The guy really knew cars! Seeing Paul Walker car collection is a dream come true!  You will see about 30 cars of Paul’s automotive estate (Mustangs, Porsches, BMW’s, Audis…) that went to auctions last year trough some “high end brokers”!

Buying any of Paul’s cars would be a dream of any car collector! Just imagine owning a piece of ride that used to be in the hands of a great car lover and a star of the Fast and Furious series! Every time you change gears would be like saying: Thanks for everything, Paul!

Unfortunately, he is not with us anymore, but he lives in us and with us! Some part of him will live forever in those unique vehicles!

The price of the cars is really not known, at least not at the moment, but we assume that you would have to spare a lot of money from your pocket if you want to own a piece of Paul Walkers life! Check out Paul Walker car collection! Plus, if you want more info about all the vehicles in Fast & Furious franchise go to this great article!


72 thoughts on “Paul Walker CAR COLLECTION! ULTIMATE Tour With Matt Farah! Throw Back to Remember OUR HERO!

  1. korbin

    Biggest fan

    1. I think they should have done something better with them considering the person he was Amazing ,considerate, caring, personal, sexy, father he was…I know I’m a HUGE FAN OF HIS!!!! N OMG it would of been a dream come true to have been blessed with one of his cars..that would literally Be my 2nd baby..cuz my daughter is my first..that would be a privilege..n have that 4 a u Paul Walker

      1. PW Auto Sales Commenters;

        I don’t know what you have read in the press, or seen on TV in the news, TMZ, or any other sources, since the fateful day of his death.

        As a child of divorced parents, who was victimized with intent, malice, and fore thought by my own mother within hours of finding my fathers body, and the way she did things, further created false legal documentation which in turn denied me what was / is legally mine. The series of events / injustices done were the motivation to do some of the pre-planning I started in 1982, within days of the loss of my father, and modification of documentation with the loss of my daughter ’94, & birth of my son in ’95, to spare them what I went through. Those events were also the catalyst for my education and employment.

        Due to my education, and employment as a Paralegal in NYS, I have taken precautionary steps for my sons benefit, and my assets pale to those of PW, yet I was impressed to learn that my plans were similar to his; based on his divorce, and efforts to secure things positively for his parent’s and daughter, and documents produced after his demise showed his demonstrated forethought which included naming his parents as “Guardians” for his daughter, and his estate.

        PW from the documents I have seen, based on events in his life, had taken precautions to avoid negative events for his parents, his daughter, and other causes as well. He did more preparatory work than many of today’s parents / elders currently do, prior to it being necessary.

        The beginning of this article indicates that he had provided indication of his desires and wishes, by defining a protocol as to how the assets and proceeds of his estate were to be disposed of, similar as to how a “Partnerships” assets are disposed of, when a company is dissolved; based on the stories of his “Ex and their subsequent Divorce” his efforts in pre-planning left no questions as to his intentions / wishes.

        This article gives indication to the fact that based on his “personal demeanor” he gave this issue consideration and fore-thought, either from what he saw at “auctions” when he purchased these vehicles, or the extremely good advice of friends & atty.’s; based on the protocol this article defines, it appears that he made efforts to protect the future vehicle owners by minimizing the exposure of the buyers, and reduce potential theft of these vehicles for the owners(as these vehicles would be “hot commodities to own, based on the documentation that will be provided that will show who the previous owner was, similar to Art or Jewelry) and I’m sure the documents also indicate how to compensate the sellers, and how the proceeds from these sales are to be utilized, and distributed.

        As an owner of three (3) cars; one (1) deemed “Historic” by age, and having had work done to refurbish it, as many do of that age, I hold a similar belief that a vehicle is to be used and driven whenever feasible, instead of on jack stands in a museum collecting dust, and rotting on its chassis due to lack of use and exposure. Although I did not see his entire will, or estate schedule, I’m willing to bet that the proceeds from the sales of the vehicles went to causes / schools he was passionate about as many people do.

        I can factually tell you that one of his best friends & co-stars over his years in the acting industry, as well as several other well known actors / actresses, along with prominent individuals and families live within a twenty five (25) mile radius of my residence in NYS, which is “North” of NYC, have done similar, by purchasing and maintaining ownership of residences and property that enable them to escape and relax. Similar to how the sales are to be conducted, many of these properties / holdings are listed under pseudo names, or corporations, that employee a staff to maintain these properties when the owners / families aren’t in residence.

  2. You ppl are selling this guys car’s
    y don’t u ppl just put them in a museum
    Of car’s or something this guy was a hero
    He was a legend and u ppl won’t even put his cars where they will be rememberd ?!?

    1. Josh

      The ppl that buy them will remember them. They won’t be driven in a museum. These cars deserve to see road time.

      1. Rafael

        hmmm maybe…
        but paul walker was a great person, gaves a lot of money for people who need it, did a lot of shows and the money was only for institutions of kids without roofs, or parents
        and paul admire every person who was militar, and personally thanked when he saw one …

        to be a hero you dont need to save the world, you just need to make it a better place..
        sorry my english

      2. Jc

        not just in the movie he made things happen he had his own business for sports cars so before you say sth like lol a hero in a movie do your research

        1. Kevin

          How does having a car business make you a hero

      3. SoloJJ

        Obviously you have no idea how much Paul helped people, maybe check out, “Reach out World Wide” maybe that will shed some light on your dumbass!

    2. Hiram

      Josh’s right, Paul was a car enthusiast, he would’ve wanted it. Also, I have a feeling that Tyrese or Vin would buy some of them

      1. admin

        I agree with you Hiram. I’m sure his colleagues will buy at least one of this beauties.

    3. Amber Miller

      You realize he was just a regular person who worked hard for what he had? There is nothing anymore or any-less special about him than there is about you. If you worked as hard as he did and delayed your gratification instead of buying the newest pair of shoes you would have the same amount of “greatness” that he had.

      1. T

        That’s def not true he had a great gift that everyone did not have so saying he is not different is bs because I know a lot of hard working people that cant get to his level because there missing his gift

    4. Dacke

      cars belong on the road

      1. Heather Hudson

        His belong in a museum !!!! He was a hero. He’s a Legend !!

    5. TazzDevil

      A museum really? He wasn’t that special dude

      1. Heather Hudson

        His belong in a museum !!!! He was a hero. He’s a Legend !!

    6. hayden reeve

      well said well said

  3. Trent Sanders

    Francisco garcia
    From reading the post it says but not under his name, because that’s how he wanted
    it sounds like in his will to sell off the cars if somthing happened too him im sure alot
    of people would like to put in museum but not allowed too under pauls will

  4. mike

    he is supposed to help sell the cars but him saying what he likes has no issue on selling them we dont care what he likes or dislikes.then he calls one car a piece of nothing.sellers arent supposed to do that.i thought this stuff was his daughters.i wouldnt sell them.

    1. Zack

      This video is almost two years old. That was a tour from when he was still alive.

  5. Pam

    Paul left his legacy to his daughter. He wanted to make sure she would always be taking care of after he was gone. Personally I dont think he would have wanted his collection of cars sold, I think he would have wanted his daughter to have them, and I think that is not a decision she can make at this time, I think that collection should be held onto untill she reaches the age of 21 where she can make a sound decision on rather to auction them off or not!

    1. Heather Hudson

      I agree with you 100 %

  6. Cory

    The Money should go to Medow his daughter

  7. shanania

    thats so sad yous are selling his cars they should be left to his family not to sell of to make more money -.-

  8. Jimbo

    Only one Supra… only one Skyline.. sad.

  9. danny edwards

    ok first off yall ppl cant sit there and say wats going on with the cars and wat sud be done with the cars yall dont no wats going happens with the cars or the money i do agree with sum of yall yes his kid su have the say so in it no i dont think they just need sit around gettin dust on them they need be showed of but yall never no they money they make off them mite go 2 his kid noing paul and yes i do no paul i have met paul and talk 2 him he his going want the cars sold and the money left 2 his family paul was the best all he thought about was his family and the sellers that his selly his cars ie just doing his job they dont own his cars the family does so they got the say so and wat happens 2 the and just lettin every1 be4 he died he allready started sellin his cars he sold 4 of his cars and his kid does have a few of his cars that no 1 can mess with

  10. ryan greaux

    I’ll take the supra please. Big fan of both paul walker and the supra. Rest in peace paul. .

    1. admin

      Thanks for the support Ryan!

  11. Terry Brasfield

    I don’t know about you but I would want to look down from heaven and see my car my baby rolling down the street as if i was driving it…paul loved his fast cars his daugther n he did the right thing in his will ….Thank You paul for sharing ur cars with ur fans of car lovers….RIP PAUL N HIS FRIEND AS WELL… ur sure missed

  12. Neeko Williams

    I believe they shouldnt be sold but given to his daughter. Left to her should be the decision on what to sell, not no damned highend broker. If I were his kid id want to keep them all to someday share the same thoughts my father once shared. To be my most prized possession and to respect what my father loved most. I personally wouldnt let him happen. I dont like the thought of it as a fan much less if i was his only living heir. I beleive it should be left to her to decide.

    1. admin

      I totally agree with you Neeko, the car collection should be given to Paul’s daughter.

  13. Alicia

    Great collection from an enthusiast. Except I could’ve lived without that idiots personal commentary. No one cares if you don’t like the car. Just say what it is!

  14. Carnage

    oohhhh a fire sale

  15. Evan

    Dumb. Video is a tour of a performance shop not pauls cars.

  16. justanotherguy

    Hey Evan , ever think to consider that uhh, I don’t know, maybe Paul Walker owned the performance shop. Rodgers Rodas and Paul owned it

  17. louis costello

    What a dream collection! Those lightweight e36’s! Hope these cars get sold to people that will drive them and not let them sit and collect dust.

    1. jordon.s

      if I had the money to bye just one of PW cars I world use it as my everyday car. Rip Paul Walker hope your keeping an eye on all of us wish your family the best.

    2. jordon.s

      if I had the money to bye just one of PW cars I world use it as my everyday car. Yes they might be good looking cars and they will look even better on the road and at car shows. A museum is ment for things that look really good and are ancient but only one problem THEY DONT RUN, not saying that’s a bad thing because it’s not that is why it’s in a museum something that don’t run is harder to steal, witch is another reason why Paul don’t want his name leaked to the cars people will get jealous and steal it why you may ask, hear is your answer “well why dose he deserve to drive this nice car that belonged to this person why don’t I get to”. Rip Paul Walker hope your keeping an eye on all of us wish your family the best.

  18. high gradez

    I want the skyline

  19. R34

    I would like to see Vin purchase the R34 GTR. The most iconic car Paul was know for in the fast and furious franchise.

  20. Carrie

    Where in California did he say they were I seriously want the supra, Fox body or skyline. Any one know the contact info I’m not joking!!!

  21. Josh Aslani

    I keep all of his family in my prayers. He was a good person always trying to help out. Keep your heads up because right now he is the happy now. I don’t want anything because everything is a blessing

  22. red1676

    well it be kinda obvious they were his as to see a skyline and a silvia for sale in California. seeing how they are not road legal there lol

  23. tommy

    the video is not about paul walkers collection.
    the video post date is before the death of paul walker

    1. Sparky

      If the video is not about paul walkers collection, then what IS it about, his house?

  24. Geoff

    So he wanted them to sell but not under his name, so you decide to tell everyone they are his cars. Way to honor a “hero’s” wishes. Good job.

  25. Jerry cedeno

    That audi and r34 an s15 tho I’d give a but for one of those three cars

    1. Jerry cedeno

      Come on!

  26. Collin clough

    Im definitely wondering how to be a buyer. I’m after the first eclipse. The green one plz feel free to email me

  27. black rod

    Hold up. Did he just compare Paul Walker’s car collection to the Sultan of Brunei’s? No disrespect to Paul Walker but they were never in the same league. One’s a hardworking performer and the other a corrupt politician.

  28. Derek

    I guess everyone is just looking past the guy who obviously has no clue about what most the cars are? If your gonna film something know exactly what you are taking about.

  29. fmf22

    I find it kind of rude that they would just take what he worked for and sell it I mean yeah there just gonna sit in a garage but those are apart of who he is and what he was he may be gone but those car live on for him

  30. These cars belonged to a very good, decent man and his cars should be put in a car museum, in his name! I am sure he would not want his collection auctioned off and separated. I don’t doubt that he worked hard to collect them all, so they would be together.

  31. C

    These cars have no value, took him what half a movie to buy them all? This world is a joke

  32. Robert Belbot

    why are you guys picking on him or what he has done with his cars, now if his daugter wanted any of those cars she would take them, and yes paul was a hero and not just in a movie, his charity REACHOUT WORLDWIDE is the proof, paul cared about people more than himself, people need to see that and stop saying he was just an actor.. thats the furthest from the truth..

  33. Eileen Hargis


  34. charly

    hahahaha this guy matt farah who can´t drive a beetle and worse…can´t afford a beete….telling that a masseratti aparently quatroporte is nothing….. OH MY GOD….

    1. danny

      He has an Aston Martin Vanquish and a Bentley as well as other cars so pretty sure he can say what he likes…

  35. I think its wrong… they want to sell all is Carters if you do leave them as they are leaving to his family. He spend his money on those parts, nobody else did he needs to they need to let those horse beware there at his daughter lost his dad. They need to let her have the money for the cars. If they do end up selling them they should we just leave the money to his daughter and if you guys want to say I’m wrong feel free to say so I don’t care. He’s a legend of legend anybody else says he wasn’t a legend is wrong…

  36. duke

    they should do museum or gallery for wat brian collects n etc

    1. Johnny

      Nice idea Duke 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  37. Hale

    i think the camera man got problem the skill of taking video. Quite lousy.

  38. Will

    This toyota supra has been use in furious 7!!!

    1. Johnny

      Great work Ryan! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Johnny

      Best EVER! Anyway, which car do you like the most Yasmeen?! 🙂

  39. kevin young

    its an insult to working people all that for acting something any body can do .

  40. Tom

    Not even Paul Walkers cats, twats

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