Orange County Choppers Renewed! Building the American Dream by Hand

Earning money the honest way is something every human should be proud off. We work hard through day and night to make money for better living for us and our children. Even though there are some who try to achieve this the easy way and make money illegally, we must always remain who we are and respect the law and our country. Hereby, we check out all the work that the lead designer at Orange County Choppers, Jason Pohl, does to earn his honest living by building the American Dream by hand. There are many things you need to do there, but that does not bother him hence he loves his job more than anything else.

Orange County Choppers Renewed Building the American Dream by Hand 1

We can conclude without a doubt that it really is like that hence Jason has been working for Paul and his shop for the last 13 years. Even though it might surprising, but their lead designer that looks very young, has already had 10 years of experience working at Orange County Choppers. He takes us through his daily routine, what he does as soon as he gets inside the shop.

There are hundreds of bike sketches on the wall in his office and all of them look absolutely amazing. He says that as soon as he gets the idea from his customer, he begins working on and developing it by drawing initial sketches and the way the basic design of the bike should look like.

If you want to know more about the lead designer at OCC make sure to check out the video! Building the American Dream by hand…