Now This Is What You Call A Raw Power! Heavy Modded Truck Pulling At 100 PSI And BOOM!!!

Even though, we can not come up with an accurate calculation just from the raw numbers that we have about the following situation of power demonstration is pretty amazing. Many things are clear only from watching this pickup truck pulling that enormous `thing`. It is clear indeed, that you need a heavily modded truck that has a hell of a lot strength and engine power to do it.

As probably most of you know, PSI is a pressure measurement about the pounds per square inch, and unfortunately we don’t have other information about it, like the air pressure, pulling speed, horsepower and many, many other `small` things. So, it would be pointless to try to come up with something accurate and precise.

However, we know that in this modded truck here is a vast amount of everything! This truck is one mean pulling machine! However, as we can see in the video there is more work that needs to be done on this truck. More work so it can endure all that heavy pulling. In this heavy modded truck a particular modification just doesn`t work quite well. Or maybe it does work but it just doesn`t meet the requirements in order to pull this colossal thing!

And the owner of this video probably forgot all that and just gave us visuals. Someone needs to give the owner of this modded truck a call and ask for info. Because we are very much interested!

And because we do not want to be the kind of guys who are splitting hairs, we are going to say that we are very much impressed of what we have seen, despite the `booming` at the end. It is clear that we have a truck that is pulling something that weights many, many tons, so way to go my boy! And we really hope that one day this heavily modded truck will be enhanced even further. Because clearly, as powerful as it is, it just can`t win its `mount everest`.

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Enjoy the video below!

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