10,000HP Super Modified Pulling Tractor – Four 557ci HEMI Engines (2,500HP Each)!

Check out this 10,000HP Super Modified Pulling Tractor with Four 557ci HEMI Engines (2,500HP Each)! It is 8-71 blown and with mechanical alcohol injectors on every engine! This is probably the most ridiculous looking tractor we have ever laid eyes upon! This is why we decided to share this amazing video with you guys! After all, how often do you see a 10,000hp pulling tractor? Your answer will probably be “NEVER“, but worry not because we are here to take care of that! After watching this footage you will definitely want a tractor for yourself!!! Well, not just any tractor, but the one from the video!!! We are talking about this amazing 10.000 horsepower tractor by Rick and Keith Long! It made its appearance at Saluda, South Carolina at the Lucas Oil Pulling League!!! This one can really pull anything you want. It was there to do its test pass and to be honest they did a GREAT JOB!!!

This tractor is very powerful and the crowd at LOPL gave it standing ovations! Both Rick and Keith Long wanted to make this astonishing 10,000hp super modified pulling tractor for over three years, and we are glad they finally made it! Building this monstrosity took a lot of nerves, but in the end, it was all worth it! The whole team did a marvelous job of constructing this pulling tractor and they deserve every bit of praise they can get. The least we can do is share a video of their creation with everyone here! We think we have commented enough about this super modified pulling tractor, but you will understand why after you see it with your own eyes! So, do you want to see how a 10.000HP tractor looks like?! Go to the video below!

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Enjoy the video below!

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