1000HP Pickup Truck is Just About to Take Off from the Drag Strip! That Is One Crazy Launch!

Having a mighty engine like this 1000HP generating monster that you are about to watch in the video below, really is something special, but also, sometimes it can cause a little bit of trouble. Thus, this mean looking, shiny black pick up beast is having some serious control power problems, both whilst preparing for the start and right afterwards, when it can not really have a straight launch and it is just about to take off from the drag strip. To put it simply, this black pickup truck had one really crazy launch at the drag strip! As a matter of fact, the driver struggled to control this ridiculously powerful machine! Luckily, no one was hurt, and everything ended without any incidents. We are certain that the driver of this 1000hp pickup will take some time to work on his truck. He did give the audience quite a show though, so good job on that.

Taking to an account all of that horse and torque power and the aforementioned problems which are more than obvious, it would not be a bad thing if the chassis get a bit reinforced, so that the frame would not bend. Also it can be seen that the driver`s side is way much loaded up and of course, that is just adding more difficulties in handling it and in trying to cut some short times. Anyway, it is a very cool video, the kind of that needs to be seen, especially when we are talking about some great diesel power. Hopefully, after tweaking his pickup truck a little bit, he will not experience another crazy launch! Until that moment comes, we can always enjoy this funny moment. Watch the video and see what we are talking about.

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Enjoy the video below!

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