Check This Nitrous vs Turbo Pickups – $2,000 Grudge Race!

Is this the COOLEST race of all time or what?! Nitrous vs Turbo ladies and gents! We have everything, a nice bet of $2000, AMAZING CARS including two PICKUPS, one with NITROUS whereas the other one has a GIANT TURBO attached to it! They are both 7 second trucks which means that the 1/4 mile does not represent any difficulties for them! So, after introducing them both, the Texas October Truck Madness race can begin! Turns out TURBO is better than NITROUS, although they both had good results! The NITROUS PICKUP lead the whole race, but the last couple of feet were CRUCIAL!

Watch the final $2,000 race of the October Truck Madness event Texas: Nitrous vs Turbo pickups.

Look at this insane Drag DaceĀ Ford Mustang that is nitrous powered on this link!