Suzuki Turbo Pickup!

Suzuki Turbo Pickup 3

On the occasion of paying a visit to 101 Motorsport we had a chance to meet the peculiar Suzuki Carry. Even though it had a 1.3 liter motor able to produce 82 hp, it is now completely redone. It has, for example, a new pair of Equip wheels and a completely renewed body kit.

The interior has been remade as well, and now it includes carbon seats and Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel. When it comes to stopping, the vehicle features a Ford Cortina brakes. The engine has, of course been replaced and with the new one Suzuki Carry is able to produce 250 hp. For a former kei truck, this is far better than expected!

Suzuki Turbo Pickup 2

Suzuki Turbo Pickup

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