Check out These V8 CHOPPERS with NITROUS OXIDE!

Watching big and powerful V8 choppers that are idling or rolling down the street, is one of those things in the Gearhead world that cannot leave anyone indifferent. No matter whether you are a big time motorcycle and chopper fan or not, every time you stumble upon some big and powerful specimen, or even if you only hear its original and extremely appealing sound coming from somewhere nearby, it makes you turn your head and start staring at that big monster on two (or three) wheels. And when there is a whole gang of those utterly appealing and powerful bikes, we are talking about a real adrenaline rush booster.

That is a fact, and also a main reason why we have decided to show you the following video clip, because it really is a sight to remember. What we have is a group of bikers with real monster choppers, powered by V8 engine with a Nitrous Oxide tank. The video is filmed during the Black Hills Event at the Spearfish Canyon in 2010.

We do not have the specs about these monsters on two and three wheels that are roaring in the moments when they are continuing their journey, probably after a small break, but believe me when I say that it is one cool video that you will like a lot!

So check out these V8 Choppers and see what I`m talking about. And if you want to watch another cool and full with adrenaline rush video with bike riding, filmed at the Spearfish Canyon, click here.