41 Nissan GTR Have Gathered for the CNY 2015! What a Sight!

We have had many opportunities to realize that Singapore is one of those huge cities in this world where people simply love and adore beautiful supercars, and enjoy every chance they get for some kind of a gathering of a certain brand or model. We have seen it being done with all kinds of supercars at one place, and the legendary Nissan GTR is definitely not a stranger in Singapore. And now, only a few weeks back, there was another colossal gathering of the Nissan GTR R35 examples, for the celebration of the CNY 2015 (Chinese New Year).

As you are about to see it for yourself, this definitely looks like a celebration of the GTR legacy in the world of fast cars. Actually, what better way is there for a GTR enthusiast to welcome the New Year?! There is a Nissan GTR R35 example in almost every color that you can imagine, and watching so many GTR specimens at one place, is always a thrilling and suspenseful experience.

So, if you are one of the devoted Nissan GTR fans, you are really going to enjoy the following (almost) 5 minutes of showcasing of some of the most attractive Nissan GTR that the city of Singapore has to offer. And that says a lot! How about that CNY 2015?!

Check it out and enjoy it! And if you want to learn many more things about the new Nissan GTR R35, click here.