New Premium Showrooms for Genesis and Equus! Hyundai Will Create New Marketing and Sales Strategy for Premium Models!

hyundai equus in showroom premium lounge New Premium Showrooms

Hyundai Will Launch a Second Generation of its Premium Models!

Hyundai plans to launch a second generation of its premium model with Equus and Genesis nameplates. The biggest Korean Automaker has hired one of the best field, marketing and retail managers for the overseas sales. The should create special retail and marketing strategies for the Genesis Coupe, Genesis Sedan, Equus Sedan and Equus Limousine.

Hyundai will establish a special network of 5 regions in the U.S. So, each region will have operation manager for the premium vehicles who will report to the senior manager at the Headquarters of Hyundai Motor America in California.

hyundai equus 2 New Premium Showrooms

hyundai equus 1 New Premium Showrooms

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Hyundai has Sold 37,945 Units in 2012 from its 3 Premium Vehicles!

Hyundai Equus debuted in 2011, but new redesigned model was unveiled in the 2013 New York Motor Show. Genesis Coupe was launched in 2009 and the Genesis Sedan in 2008. However, Hyundai will unveil its redesigned Genesis sedan next year. The total sales number of these 3 vehicles in 2012 is 37,945 units (5% increase from 2011).

Hyundai has established the first step in the premium vehicles sales strategy with specially authorized Hyundai dealers. Around 320 out of 800 Hyundai dealerships in the U.S. are authorized to sell the Equus sedan. John Krafcik, HMA CEO said this group of authorized dealers will lead the others to develop their marketing, customer service and premium sales process.

hyundai equus interior New Premium Showrooms

hyundai equus interior 222 New Premium Showrooms

All the Premium Knowledge to All Hyundai Cars!

According to him, these vehicles are different product and Hyundai will focus on premium and will take things to the new, advanced level.

He said that this step should not be considered as creation of new luxury brand like Lexus for example. Hyundai wants to implement all of their premium knowledge in the all of their products.

hyundai equus limousine 1 New Premium Showrooms

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