Move Your Car Around With Hydraulic Wheel Dollies!

All of you gearheads out there enjoy the process of restoring an old classic car. It is a long and difficult process as it requires great expertise if you want your final product to be simply perfect and without any mistake. So when you manage to find such old vehicle that is ready to undergo restoration and whose wheels are stuck, the most difficult thing is the problem of moving it around your shop. This is difficult situation and it often requires attaching the car to another one and then pulls it around. But a new ingenious design was created to make this job much easier. Thus we present you the hydraulic wheel dollies.

Move Your Car Around With Hydraulic Wheel Dollies 2

This hefty little tool helps you move such car all by yourself. It is simple to install too! They come in four and are attached to a frame that keeps them all nice and neat. Take one of the hydraulic wheel dollies and slide it under one of the wheels. Then there is a handle that help push both of the bars from the sides and thus tighten up under the tire.

The whole wheel is then lifted and there is also a safety pin that you slide in the hole and secure everything in place. Repeat this process to all of the wheels and in just matter of minutes you are ready to go. You can push the car anywhere you like hence the hydraulic wheel dollies move to any direction you want! What do you think about this ingenious invention?

Move Your Car Easily With Hydraulic Wheel Dollies

Posted by Viral in USA on Friday, October 6, 2017