Learn How To Use Your Chainsaw as a Tire Cutter!

Tire grooving is one of the most often discussed topics when it comes to tire maintenance! If you remember we had a lot of videos showing you how to do it as well as informing you about the pros and cons! This time you are going to see how to groove truck tires using a CHAINSAW! This might sound awkward but believe us, it works fine as a tire cutter and if you do it properly, it is perfectly safe! However, people groove their tires in order to prolong their life expectancy! But, you must know that if you do not do it right, or you do not give them to someone who will know how to do it, the consequences can be fatal!

The guy from the video, on the other hand, did a great job with the chainsaw! After he did the tire grooving he had put about 5.000 miles on them, then SOLD them as the new owner still uses them and has no trouble with them! After this effort, his truck can go on and off road without any problems -- which is not the case from before the tire grooving when off-road driving was a little hindered! Check out this improvised tire cutter!

At last, if you want to see the first puncture-proof tires for motorcycles, the so-called Rhinotires, follow this link and get amazed.