Tire Repair SHOCK: You Bought A Second Hand Car With “NEW” Tires? THIS IS HOW THEY REPAIR THEM!

How many times have you heard a friend say: “I got this used car but the tires are new!” Probably a lot. However, that might have worked for you, but your life is about to change. Check out this Tire Repair video where we`ll show you how it`s all done!

Today we have a little training class for you that will definitely prepare you for your next `second hand` car purchase. Moreover, after watching this tire repairing shocking video you will no longer be fooled by car sellers, who will try to convince you that a car has new tires on.

Actually, what is happening in this video is that one layer of the tire is removed and the rest of the stripes and patterns are repeated again with a specific set of tools. By doing this, the tire repair system is getting a new look, so the customers can be easily tricked that they are buying a new one. But after a little period of driving, the truth will be revealed and the tire will show its vulnerability, which is the result of long time usage. Furthermore, that can have a really dangerous ending.

So, next time when you wonder yourself how can one car be so cheap when it has new tires on, remind yourself on this video and the way how everything can be “magically” done. At the end, do not forget to leave your comments for this secret and feel free to share your experiences with tires.

We hope that you will no longer be fooled by no one and you will know how to recognize where this Tire Repair system was used!

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28 thoughts on “Tire Repair SHOCK: You Bought A Second Hand Car With “NEW” Tires? THIS IS HOW THEY REPAIR THEM!

  1. Geno

    Crooked people -.-!!

  2. XDC Kev

    Russian xD

    1. hermis

      he is finnish… Jorskipappa is his youtubechannel… this is copied video!!

      1. admin

        Thanks a lot for the info Herman. We have changed the embed code with the one from the original video source you proposed!

  3. James

    This is incredible!

  4. Reiska


  5. you

    Not Russian, It´s from Finland 😉

  6. Abdul Dyakol

    You can easily see that even with all those that have been done to the tyre, it doesnt look new.

  7. Beagle

    I used to race stock cars in the ’70’s and ’80’s, what you are seeing here is a tire being regrooved with a regrooving iron, a common practice with dirt track racers, (at least when I was racing.) I saw nowhere in the video that the tire ended up on a car to be resold. While it is something to be aware of, this might be a perfectly legitimate video showing a tire being altered for a customer.

  8. tyler

    I don’t know why everybody is freaking out . This happens all the time . Hes just re treading the tire. It’s offered at tire shops and a lot of transport companies do this as a cheaper alternative to new tires

    1. Wayne

      This is not “re-reading”. Re-reading is when the entire road contacting surface is completely removed with a cutting and grinding process. The tire “casing” is then scuffed specifically to accept a new tread. Then a completely new tread is attached and vulcanized to the old casing.
      This process (seen in the video) is re-grooving. Absolutely NOT the same procedure in any way!

  9. I’m sorry but, seriously, as a dealer let me tell you it’s far less effort for me to just go buy a set of cheap new tires. Hell, I’ve been at this for 30 years and never even seen regrooving used in this fashion. There are truck tires marked “Regroovable” but passenger and LT tires don’t have nearly enough depth to try, even if was legal. I wonder if Russian spec tires are made differently…

    1. admin

      Thanks for your professional opinion!

  10. John Henry

    This practice has been around for years…it would cost you more to have a set of tyres re-grooved than it would cost for a set of cheap imported tyres for a small car but tyre shops used to re-groove the larger tyres say 265’s because they are expensive to replace and cars would come through my workshop with re-grooved tyres that had failed at high speed due to the material being too thin on the contact surface…

    1. Johnny ( Post author )

      Thanks for your comment John!

  11. Liz Nash

    We call what they’re doing in that video “siping” a tire. they do it more in the southern states ( Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi ) than they do up where i live in the Pacific NW ( Oregon/Washington) I’ve been in the auto industry for over 30 yrs, and I’ve heard of maybe one or two lots trying to pull some kinda crap like what you claim they’re doing in this vid ,over on their customers in all that time…. and I’m telling you now, those lots didn’t last long, because the other lots ran them out of business.

    1. MIKE


  12. Walter

    Always look for wear bar no matter if they state tires are new or old. The wear bar tells it all. In this video, obviously the wear bars are being stripped, hence you know these tires are fishy.

  13. Liz

    This tire has been regrooved manually… i hope is not sold as a new one

  14. Only thing that makes it obvious is the lack of tread wear indicator bars.

  15. Ali

    The tire looks Nothing like a new tire….

  16. Aram Niloofari

    I’m really sorry , I did not think so much ignorance Okay, please do not play with their lives and others

  17. Richard

    All tyres will have tread depth ridges to identify its true thicknes of remaing depth, if its not there I would straight ask for new tyres

  18. Martin

    I got burned once… won’t happen again

  19. Morro

    Tire shops that sell used tires regrove tires and sell them. Then customers notice that the vehicle pulls, or vibrates, when you tell the customer they got a bad tire, they say “but I just bought the tire”. Not knowing they bought a tire well below the wear indicator.

  20. This method is used to extend life time lorry tires up to 25%. Lorry tires are prepared to this process but using this to passenger vehicle is really danger

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