Check Out This MIGHTY V8 Powered CHAINSAW! I Want This!

People often try to find a way to connect useful with fun. Sometimes in unconventional ways, but if it works, then nobody gives remarks. On the contrary, others will greet you. We found a connection between useful and fun with an event that includes something from our domain. That something is an engine. How does the engine make something useful and fun, and it is not moving a car? Try to put together a saw and a V8 engine and see what is going to happen! A V8 powered chainsaw, capable of cutting tree trunks like a knife going through butter!

In this video, we present to you the Deming Logging Show, where competitors bring their custom built chainsaws for a competition. They are dealing with 30 inch tree trunks, therefore size does matter. Imagine the sound that V8 produces in combination with a chainsaw. Pure power in your hands. However, something got us baffled, could they build the saws in a way that does not require lifting? Perhaps those are the regulations, but there must be some other way of using this kind chainsaw instead of lifting it, that would be more practical to use it. What do you think?

Plus, if you want to see one more V8 powered chainsaw that can help you do your job in a second, follow this link.