I think that many of you will agree with me when I say that having a great sports bike which is incredibly fast and powerful, gives you the obligation of pulling all kinds of insane bike stunt that makes people watch with their mouths wide open, besides just riding it fast! And if you think that I`m talking just about doing wheelies, jumpingor doing burnouts, and all of the other things we are used to watch, you are very much wrong! I`m talking about that urge that many bikers have deep inside them, which makes them do something absolutely crazy and seemingly impossible that will make us look for our jaw on the floor. The example that we have prepared for you today, definitely fits this category perfectly!

But I`ve got to tell you right away that you MUSTN`T try to copy this guy and try to perform this trick by yourself at home. This is strictly for entertainment, because it is extremely dangerous and you can easily end up in a hospital or even worse. Just like one of these guys that are doing the illegal street races with cars, and end up rather badly.

This guy is obviously an insane bike stunt pro (if not, he should be) who has invented a totally new way of lifting weights, while he rides his Honda CBR. And that`s not all, he lifts those weights while doing a wheelie with the bike.

Almost unreal, right? Just watch the video and see what I`m talking about! And if you want to see different, more `normal` bike stunts, go to this link.