Ah women… You can`t live with them, you can`t live without them. That`s just how it goes. Or at least we think so. Although we love our girlfriends very much, there are sometimes pretty difficult to understand. And the video below explains this in the perfect way, with various couples on a ride in an automobile. Of course, it doesn`t have to mean that every couple is like these in the video, but you could to admit that you`ve been through at least one situation from the ones presented here when you were driving with girlfriend.

Every situation begins with a normal conversation in which the girls give one answer and then in the next screenshot they do completely the opposite of what they have said! But the most important of all is that the guys are constantly trying to appease their better halves yet at the end it seems like there is no effect at all. At least it looks like it. However, we know that they remember what we do for them and they return the feelings. The video where a man is driving with girlfriend expresses all of this but in a sarcastic way, which will point out some of the negativities and will probably serve as a good reason for a discussion!

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