FANS Went MAD After This! Watch The FURIOUS 7 HONEST TRAILER By Screen Junkies Where The Movie Got Seriously ROASTED!

Maybe you have heard of it, maybe you have not, but the Screen Junkies YouTube channel is definitely one of the most popular video channels online. With its Honest Trailers series where the famous Hollywood movie trailers are being modified with sarcastic comments and funny editing, the channel reached a worldwide success among comedy lovers. Almost every nominated movie by the channel`s subscribers got a decent roast by this creative crew. However, this week many Gearheads felt insulted by the latest Honest Trailer, because the target is one of the most favorite car movies: the Furious 7! The Furious 7 honest trailer hit hard for many fans of the famous movie franchise. After all, this was a special movie, given the fact that one of the lead actors, Paul Walker, lost his life in a car accident before the filming was completed!

The cliché quotes, the impossible missions and the extraordinary scenes like the jump between the skyscrapers and the fall from the airplane are just some of the Furious 7 moments that are being roasted by the trailer guy! Also, the fact that the franchise started to decrease the amount of insane car racing scenes with every upcoming sequel is not forgotten. Finally, if you are a fan of Dominic Toretto you better not play the video below. According to it, Dom is the man with a plan even if the plan is incredibly stupid. Ouch! A lot of remarks are made about the movie in the Furious 7 honest trailer. Screen Junkies are known for this kind of humor, but when one of your favorite movies is targeted, it`s not easy to laugh! Check out the video and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below! And also you can share it too!

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