We often talk about stereotypes linked with women. And we also know that one of the biggest stereotypes is linked with their lack of ability to drive, to maintain a car, to park… All in all, everything that is linked with vehicles! Well, even if you want to fight against this stereotype, you have to admit that we often see examples where women really certify the prejudices! Thus, we have seen a video where a woman is trying to find her gas tank for several minutes!!! This really made everyone laugh as well as the time when we saw a woman trying to park her car for 20 minutes! Hey there, that is definitely an example how NOT to wash your car!

However, we now have another example that does not include women`s driving skills although it is closely linked with cars! It is about washing the car! Or should we say, how NOT to wash your car! We guess the lady from the footage never washed a car in her life, nor did she watched someone else do it! So, she opened every door she could and just pointed the water running hose at them and started squirting! Who knows what happened to the interior of the car, it is best if you find out!

At last, if you want to read the 9 best selling cars for women drivers in the U.S., that we hope are not being washed this way, follow this link.