Incredible Drag Challenge Between 359 Peterbuilt vs Mustang!

Today, in this post we have one great video of not your everyday drag strip race between `79 Peterbilt 359 Detroit Diesel 12v71tt  and the legendary muscle car Ford Mustang… Really you say? Peterbuilt vs Mustang?

Besides the fact that we know more than enough about the `Stang, the main object of interest here is the Peterbilt 359 Detroit Diesel 12v71tt , so we will tell you a few things about it.

Its owner Kyle Dunkles, found it at the junkyard and than completely rebuild and restored it, putting a motor from another GMC truck and with some skillful work and tuning, he managed to `squeeze` 1 000 + HP and over 3 000 pounds feet of torque out of it, making it a perfect monster racing machine, ready to face off any competitor out there. On the front grill, it has a flag of the army battalion unit and Kyle presents it as its mascot.

Even though it may does not sound like it, transmission is an automatic and if you listen to the sound more carefully, you will notice that right after the start, it quickly shifts into 17th or 18th gear and hits off on the strip.

This sure is one of a kind truck that deserves every respect. Just watch the Peterbuilt vs Mustang race and you will see what I`m talking about. Still doubt the Peterbuilt power? Check out this link!