Beautiful RC Peterbilt 359 1:4 @ Racing Car & Truck Show!

Wonderfully job done with this RC truck that looks (and it actually is) just like a real one and before camera switched into a full frame and we could actually see the other vehicles, no one could have realize that this truck was any different from any other that we constantly see on highways and sideway roads. There is not much info about the video and (specially) about the truck, the purpose for its construction and the ultimate goal of its existence, because of what we can see in the video, the truck is on a parking lot, together with all the other vehicles. What is known however is that this RC Peterbilt 359 is custom made by its owner! We have to admit that the owner of this remarkable RC truck is an excellent craftsman! Furthermore, we like the attention to little details, such as the sound of the horn, which sounds just like horn on the actual truck!

We`re guessing that it is there for an exhibition and the level of quality on which the truck is created, the amount of details and every feature that it has, with the exception of its size, it is impossible to separate it from a real truck. Astonishing work to say the least and if there are other creations like this one (or similar), there should be a competition for the performance, the looks and everything else, just like we have with all the other cars and trucks. Just watch the video and see it for yourself what we`re talking about. Amazing piece of work indeed! We will now stop praising this incredible RC Peterbilt 359 truck and let you see it with your own eyes. Trust us, you will be quite impressed! Enjoy.

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Enjoy the video below!

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One thought on “Beautiful RC Peterbilt 359 1:4 @ Racing Car & Truck Show!

  1. Denny Hubler

    Truly a great work of art rarely seen in Europe. That is why it was there as an exhibition piece. In Europe they don’t have any long nose Petes. They only use cab over truck’s due to the tight roadways and lack of maneuverability. Hence all the American flags. Ask any European truck driver what they think of trucks here in the States. They’re usually enamored with how much room there is in our class 8 trucks. God bless open highways and the North American freeway system.

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